Tanglewood Sue-per Shifter Jewels

Tanglewood Sue-per Shifter Jewels

These First-of-their-Kind Shifting Jewels are chameleon in nature and Shift to MULTIPLE COLORS in every angle of light!

Perfect for the your Gothic Whimsy designs or just when you want to add some WOW to make your project sizzle with color.

FOR BEST RESULTS: These Super Powered Shifters are designed yield best results applied over Black or very Deep Based colored surfaces


Sue-per Shifter Name          Shifts to reveal colors

Alchemy                                      Green/ Purple/Pink

Arthur                                          Orange red/ Pink/ Green

Crystal Ball                                Blue Green/ blue/ Violet

Dragon                                        Pink/Green

Flicker                                         Purple-Blue/ Pink-Green

Hemlock                                     Blue/ Purple/ Green

Jester                                          Blue/Teal/Green

Lady of the Lake                     Turquoise/ Green/ Pink

Miladay                                       Green/ Blue Purple/ Red

Minerva                                      Light Purple/ Dark Purple/ Blue/ Gold

Nightshade                                Purple/Blue

Pegasus                                      Purple/Blue/Pink

Phoenix                                      Red/Orange/Pink

Rune                                             Blue/Purple Blue/Orange

Sorcerer                                     Turquoise/ Purple

Tempest                                     Green/Teal

Unicorn                                       Pink/Green Gold/Purple

Wizard                                         Green /Pink /Turquoise