* I placed multiple orders, can you combine them and refund me the shipping?

Answer: We can NOT guarantee that we can do that as we receive a large volume of orders. Should we can catch we will combine them, however we will not refund an shipping overages because:

the weight from one order to another is different which in turns causes shipping to be higher and we have already paid a processing percentage for that amount that we don’t get refunded.

* I forgot my discount code can you refund me the difference:
Answer: I’m sorry this isn’t something we can offer as we have already paid the processing fee and we receive a large volume of orders.

* How to I find out when an item I’m looking for is back in stock?

All items have a notify me button so make sure you sign up for those items to be there first to know when it is uploaded.

* Where do I find how to use the products?

If you haven’t already join our Southern Belle Glitter group and most instructions can be found by utilizing the search key in the top right corner of the group.

* I purchased route insurance how do I file a claim?

Once you have placed an order and opted to use the route insurance they will send you an email with instructions on how to file a claim if need be.

* How do I contact a store administrator?

Please utilize the contact us option at the bottom of our website or email us at southernbelleglitter@outlook.com